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SM Optics launches LIGHTMODE, its new metro optical platform at MWC 2017
SM Optics is part of the SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Group Milano February 2017: SM Optics, a centre of competence in optical networking and R&D power house, will be presenting “LIGHTMODE” its new metro-optical platform at Mobile World Congress for multiservice OTN-based metro-access applications. High capacity and low latency are key enabler for 5G to expand beyond mobile applications, pushing network convergence as never before. For this reason optical transport will play a major role in X-hauling networks and a vision of convergence of wireless and fibre transport represents a strength offering the flexibility to cover any need with a homogeneous solution. Renewing the transport network by evolving its architecture to accommodate new services needs and traffic rules may prove to be the best way to safeguard the network value, financially and in terms of service capability. SM Optics believes the enablement of OTN as a multiservice transport layer will be the differentiating factor between a network becoming obsolete and one renewing its value over time. “Speaking about next generation networks brings many topics to the table; capacity, low latency, existing assets revitalization and a real flexible pay as you grow system” says Stefano Schiavoni Sales Director in SM Optics, adding “What is really needed is to keep services running without disruption, regardless of the inevitable network evolutions happening at the physical layer. Our LIGHTMODE platform may just do that” “The input of customers who were preliminary engaged with our evolution vision has been precious in shaping the platforms we are presenting today” says Giorgio Cazzaniga, Product Line Management in SM Optics. SM Optics offers an evolution to next generation high performance transport networks together with the answer for legacy network migration in a single new product family. The solution is based over a technological innovation unique to LIGHTMODE platform. Visit us at the Mobile World Congress at stand 6J29. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  About SM OPTICSSM OPTICS is company driving innovation in fiber based communication, counting on a proven management and R&D team with 20+ years of experience in the optical domain as well as delivering comprehensive professional services. SM OPTICS is part of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA GROUP a leader in wireless communication technology. Liaising over this heritage SM OPTICS addresses opportunities worldwide, with strong set of network services, integration and design capabilities. Contacts: Fabio Gavioli This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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